The day of dragon boating dawned – yet another day of fine sunshine! There was another activity before the big event however and that was rockpooling.  We all trekked down to the beach and set to work looking for the tricky-to-find creatures.

After lunch it was time to go.  Usually we have to wait ages as a trail of children have to go back for something they have forgotten but, on this occasion, absolutely everyone had what they needed!  

We set off and soon arrived at the sailing academy.  We were quickly split into three groups.  Mrs Freeth and Keith were in the blue boat, Miss Cox was in the red boat and I (Miss Warwick) was in the yellow boat.  We rowed up and down the harbour developing our skills and sizing up the opposition – or maybe that was just me being too competitive!  Anyway, we had three races and the yellow team won them all.  Hooray!

We are now back at the centre just about to have tea.  We’ve started packing and are looking forward to the disco – well the children are anyway!

Do not be concerned if your child is missing from the below picture as Miss Cox’s group weren’t present.



After breakfast, we set off on our activities.  The weather was lovely again and the main activity today was the hike which provided entertainment based around avoiding standing in cow pats!  The view was amazing.  Other activities included archery and trapeze.  Some children, very bravely, took the leap of faith!  We’ve had tea and shared Morgan’s birthday cake and the children are now all (hopefully!) getting rid of any excess energy on the basketball court.


‘I  enjoyed abseiling because I have conquered my fear of heights and I also have conquered more than I thought I was going to be able to.’  Grace

‘I thought abseiling would be really scary but it wasn’t.’ Ashleigh

‘I thought I was going to miss all of my shots in archery but I hit two of my three on the board.’ Jackson

‘The trapeze was really fun if you did it a second time because you feel used to it and you have the trust to jump off.’  Sheikh